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Jun 04

Public Service Announcement – Be Prepared

The Rock Shares His Earthquake Preparedness Tips!
The Ready Campaign, the Advertising Council (the Ad Council) and Warner Bros. partnered on a public service advertising (PSA) campaign tied to the Warner Bros. film, San Andreas. Dwayne Johnson, one of the stars of the film, is featured in the PSAs.
While the film is a work of fiction […]

Mar 26

Get Prepared – with the Red Cross

You can find some great items to help you prepare at the Red Cross Store on line.
Check out what they have. Click here to go the the Red Cross Store on line
Here is their Emergency Preparedness Starter kit”

Jan 23

Disaster Supply List and Tips

Family Disaster Supply List and Tips
by Irene Long
Please note: These tips assume that in a major disaster emergency service providers will be overwhelmed and that you will be unsuccessful in your attempts to reach 9-1-1.

Drinking water – you can only survive 4 days without drinking water. Store at least 5 cases (14gallons) of bottled water […]

May 18

Want to rest in peace?

If you sleep 8 hours a day there is a 1 in 3 chance that you’ll be in bed when disaster strikes. How prepared is your bedroom?
Here’s a quick checklist to see how ready you are to rest in peace, knowing you’ve done what you can:
____ Do you have an old […]

May 03

Want to avoid a mess and lessen stress? Put a latch on those cabinets!

Open all your kitchen and other cabinets that don’t have latches. Then picture all those contents going airborne before crashing to the floor. Flying objects as well as toppling furniture are the main causes of injury in earthquakes. Think about it. Besides the injury risk, do you really want to clean up the […]

Apr 29

Become a 3 Bucket Family

Why do families need 3 buckets in wide-area disasters?
1. Water… In a major disaster you will want to have one never used bucket with lid to hold drinking water that you may need to collect from local water service holding tanks or emergency water delivery trucks, or to store water after you […]

Apr 20

How to: Drop, Cover, and Hold On!

The ShakeOut campaign and earthquake experts around the globe recommend that as soon as the shaking starts you should Drop to the ground, take Cover under a table or desk (or at least cover your head and neck with your arms and hands), and Hold On! to the leg of the table or desk to […]

Apr 20

Preparedness: Where do I start?

Start with yourself:

Take inventory of and organize what disaster supplies you already have. Do they include:

A supply of emergency drinking water for at least two weeks or a means of purifying water plus […]

Apr 10

Got water?

Did you know you can only survive for 4 days without water?  That’s why trapped victim “rescue” efforts typically become “body recovery” efforts by the 5th day after a disaster.  As we are now seeing in Japan in what are the third and fourth days since the 8.9 quake and tsunami, the most vital need […]

Mar 12

Recent Quakes – Lessons to Learn

Earthquake news videos and survivor stories from Japan and New Zealand highlight the importance of disaster preparedness and of responding appropriately from the very first second the shaking starts.
New Zealand – The woman rescued from the collapsed downtown Christchurch building 25 hours after their recent aftershock quake took the right action. […]

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