Apr 29

Become a 3 Bucket Family

Why do families need 3 buckets in wide-area disasters?

1. Water… In a major disaster you will want to have one never used bucket with lid to hold drinking water that you may need to collect from local water service holding tanks or emergency water delivery trucks, or to store water after you have purified it. Even if you store a 2 week supply of emergency water for your family, if pipes are damaged in the disaster it may be weeks or months before normal water and sewer services can be restored. During that time you will be getting water from non-traditional sources. Be sure to keep the lid on the water bucket to prevent evaporation and potential loss to spillage.

2. Sewer… Until water AND sewer services are fully restored, you won’t be able to use your toilets. A 5-gallon bucket with lid that is lined with plastic trash bags can become your emergency toilet. When you need to “flush” simply take out the filled trash bag, tie it off and reline the bucked with a new bag. Be sure to keep the lid on the bucket between uses to avoid a potential drowning hazard for small children and pets, and to keep the odor down. Kitty litter sprinkled on the sewage after emergency toilet use can also limit odor.

3. Washing… Whether you need to bathe or wash dishes or clothes, a bucket provides a handy container for those purposes. This washing bucket can also be used if you need to create bucket brigades from neighborhood pools to extinguish or limit the spread of residential or brush fires. This same bucket can also be used to collect and remove debris, especially in aiding search and rescue efforts in the first few days following a major disaster, as well as in the clean up and debris removal during post-disaster recovery.

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