May 03

Want to avoid a mess and lessen stress? Put a latch on those cabinets!

Open all your kitchen and other cabinets that don’t have latches. Then picture all those contents going airborne before crashing to the floor. Flying objects as well as toppling furniture are the main causes of injury in earthquakes. Think about it. Besides the injury risk, do you really want to clean up the mess? By putting child-proof or other latches on cabinets you won’t necessarily prevent damage to the contents, but you will, hopefully, reduce the risk of injury and contain the mess to inside the cabinet, thus making post-earthquake clean up a lot easier. Less post-disaster mess will help lower your stress level in what is likely to be a very stressful time.

Find latches a hassle so don’t want to install them? Then at least move your heavier dishes and other cabinet contents to your lower cabinets and shelves. Use the upper shelves and upper cabinets for lighter things that are less likely to harm you if they go airborne and fall. Avoid putting flammable things, like cookbooks and plastic ware, in the cabinets above and right next to your stove. If the quake happens while cooking they can ignite and quickly fuel a fire.

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