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Jan 23

Learn how to respond safely and effectively when disaster strikes

Did you know that more than 86% of post-disaster rescues are made by bystander volunteers? In the wake of the 1985 quake in Mexico in which more than 100 untrained volunteer responders were killed while rescuing 800 victims, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training was developed and brought to this country by the Los Angeles […]

Apr 20

Preparedness: Where do I start?

Start with yourself:

Take inventory of and organize what disaster supplies you already have. Do they include:

A supply of emergency drinking water for at least two weeks or a means of purifying water plus […]

Apr 10

Got water?

Did you know you can only survive for 4 days without water?  That’s why trapped victim “rescue” efforts typically become “body recovery” efforts by the 5th day after a disaster.  As we are now seeing in Japan in what are the third and fourth days since the 8.9 quake and tsunami, the most vital need […]

Mar 14

Loma Linda University Disaster Fair

The purpose of this event is to inform the more than 200 Loma Linda University Shared Services Safety Coordinators about various community services relating to emergency and disaster preparedness. They, in turn, will take this information back to their respective departments and inform their staff about these services.  We have been asked by  the ShakeOut […]

Mar 13

ShelterBox Fundraiser for Sendai*

As you may know, Sendai, the largest Japanese city closest to the epicenter of the recent 9.0 earthquake and capital of one of two prefectures ravaged by tsunami, has been a sister city of Riverside, CA for more than 50 years. Tens of thousands in Sendai and what is now estimated at […]

Apr 16

Apr 2008: Post-Disaster Phone Service

April 2008 Monthly Meeting Recap – Emergency Telecommunications
Steve de Hart (Government Accounts Sales Manager), Annette Ohlgren (Government Account Manager), and Chad Carlos (Data Sales Engineer) from Verizon Wireless were our featured guests this month.
Steve talked about Verizon’s all-volunteer Significant Event Response Teams (SERTs) comprised of Verizon company employees across the nation who stand ready (24/7 […]